Christmas Offering / End of the Year Giving

It has been quite the year. When we started Grace City in the Fall of 2019, we would have never imagined what awaited us over the next two years. Our church launched six months before the COVID pandemic, and we have been living in the reality of it ever since. Starting a new church has always been difficult. Starting a new church during a pandemic has been another story altogether.


Like many of you, our church has experienced many valleys and mountains over the last two years. There have been days where God’s faithfulness was on direct display and others where we had to look a bit harder. One thing has been sure through it all. God was building something among our church. He continues to do something underneath the surface of the chaos. He is creating a type of resiliency in our church. He is developing within us a strong sense of dependency on him. He is forming us into a community that cares and loves one another.


As we continue to look towards 2022, I wanted to cover two quick details about end-of-year giving and our annual Christmas offering.



End of Year Giving:


This is the time of the year many people are doing their end-of-the-year giving. Please consider giving towards Grace City this year. We will continue to pursue the purposes of God in Boston and around the world, and one of the ways we do that is through the faithful giving of God’s people.


For some of you, you have never given to Grace City. Perhaps this could be a significant first step in giving towards your church and the mission God has given us together. Maybe you have given in the past, and now is a great time to give again. Perhaps you are one of our many faithful givers, and God is calling you to deeper levels of giving at the end of 2021. Whenever you land on the spectrum, prayerfully consider giving.


We have made it easy to give. Hit this link here or go to, and you can set up a one time gift or regular giving.



Christmas Offering:


Each year we take up a specific offering during Christmas. This year’s Christmas Offering will be used to support two causes. A portion of the offering will be going to Young Life Boston. YL Boston seeks to introduce high school and middle school students to the person of Jesus and help them to grow in their faith. Another portion of the offering will go towards our efforts to care for, support, and begin new churches in Boston and around the world.


If you would like to give to support either of these causes, just hit this link here.


As we look towards 2022, let’s rejoice in this Advent season and live with eager anticipation of what God will do through Grace City in the year to come. Thank you for your generosity. Doing this work alongside each of you is one of the greatest honors of my life.


Praying blessings and abundant joy for you and your family this Advent season.


/ Pastor Brian