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Updated: Jan 22, 2019

"Don't despise your small prayer gatherings...Every major revival has its origins with a small band of intercessors faithfully crying out! Small gatherings precede big breakthroughs! When we gather to worship and pray, regardless of size, we convene the very court of heaven on earth. Our prayer gatherings are the most important and powerful gatherings in our city."

-David Fritch, "Enthroned"

Sometimes, actually many times I want things to move faster than God does. I equate speed with efficiency. It's why I drive fast and brake hard (to the annoyance of Katy). It's why I finish my meal before everyone else. It's also why I don't enjoy baseball..... :)

I am learning that slow and small is how God starts things. He places a dream or vision in the heart of his people and thus begins the process. This goes against my understanding of how I think things should work. As I have gotten older I have realized my natural understanding rarely lines up with God's.

Moses worked in isolation in Midian for forty years before God called him to Egypt. Paul spends ten years in Tarsus before he begins his missionary journeys. God's timetable is not our timetable. He sees the value in building and growing.

So lets embrace this period of building. Lets talk with people longer than we would be able to with a room full of people. Lets take our time. Lets hear each other's stories. Each period we have is of value. This period of church planting won't last forever. We must maximize the space we have now.

Lets execute well, pray expectantly, love strong, work hard, and trust God with the results.


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