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Proclaiming the way of Jesus for the good of the city.

We believe Jesus’ life, death and resurrection is the most radical, culture shaping event to happen in the history of humanity. We are driven to share and live out this reality each day throughout the city of Boston.   


We want to make much of Jesus. He is the focal point of the entire scriptures. We take our cues from him. We desire to be a community of followers who invite others into a relationship with Jesus, find belonging through gathering and discover their unique gifting and passion for kingdom movement.  

We are a new church plant in Boston. Interested in getting involved? Email us at

Our Vision:

We exist to glorify God by serving as a catalyst for a movement of healthy churches in the city.

Our Values:

Living in the way of Jesus.

He is the center of our story. We want to make much of him. We value what he values, love how he loves, and strive to live out his kingdom ethic. 


Pursuing radical belonging.

We believe everyone is looking for somewhere to belong. We were created with a need for community. Isolation kills. Belonging means you have a home. A city can be the most crowded and at the same time the loneliest place in the world. The church should be a place that sets the standard for community and care. 


Cultivating a lasting movement.

The Gospel is the good news. News creates movement. The church serves as the steward of this good news. Each one of us are responsible for telling the good news. Each one of us are responsible for creating movement. God has called our church specifically to plant churches throughout New England.

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