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Jonathan Wells



GCkids is offered during our 9:00 am Sunday gatherings for kids 0mo-5th grade!

We look forward to worshipping with you!


We prioritize teaching children to engage in Holy Scripture, helping memorize key passages, and discussing God's word in a way that each age level can grasp.

We use The Gospel Project curriculum with all of our age groups, which is a 3-year chronological study of the Bible pointing our kids and families to Jesus. As your children grow, so does their understanding and appreciation of the word!


At Grace City, we provide child care for children from ages 6mo-5th grade!

Nursery: 0-18 months

We focus on excellent care and loving attention with each baby through worship, Biblical stories, and free play activities.

Toddler: 18mo-3 years

Our children are introduced to their first learning foundations for engaging with the Bible. Our time focuses on teachers telling a weekly Bible story and reinforcing the Gospel through scripture familiarization, worship with instruments, classroom prayer, Biblical story time, and Bible-centered activities and games. 

Preschool: 3yrs-Kindergarten

Our children continue to build on the foundation they have been introduced to in the Toddler class. Weekly this group talks through a Bible lesson and Bible verse to help early learners engage and understand. Leaders reinforce through scripture memorization, worship, classroom prayer, Biblical story time, Bible-centered crafts, activities, and games.

Elementary: 1st-5th Grade

We focus on age-based activities to process ad discuss what we are studying together. Our leaders help children learn and engage through scripture memorization, worship, weekly discussion and prayer, Bible-centered crafts, activities, and games. 


Our Volunteers

We take pride in assembling a team of volunteers who care deeply for the Word and serving our children. All volunteers have been background-checked and articulate a profession of Christian faith. We gather with our volunteers to pray through scripture every Sunday before our kids arrive.




GCKIDS Safety Policies:


In order to maintain a safe and secure program, we ask for your cooperation in the following: 

  • For each service your child attends, please use the kiosk to sign them in.

  • Each week you will receive a unique label. This is required for pickup.

  • If your child is potty-trained, please ensure that they have used the restroom prior to service.

  • GCkids Volunteers do not change diapers, there is a changing table stocked with diapers and wipes. 

  • If your child has an accident or needs changing, we will contact you.

  • It’s important to allow your child exposure to the classroom, but this can be a difficult transition for some little ones. If your baby/toddler has been crying for 10 minutes or so, we will contact you.

  • If there are any medical instructions or allergies you would like to inform us of, please do so at registration.

  • Only background-checked individuals are allowed in the classroom spaces. 

  • We will not be able to accept children who have been sick within the past 24 hours for the health and safety of the other children.  Please ensure that you pre-screen your children for symptoms of illness before bringing them to GCKIDS.

At Grace City we are passionate about partnering with you, as parents, and developing your child’s walk with Jesus at home! We desire to be a part of laying a biblical foundation for your child’s life.

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