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Brian + Katy Owen

Our Lead Pastor Brian and his wife Katy have a heart to reach the city and to witness the gospel's transformative power throughout the world. They are passionate about seeing the way of Jesus lived out each day in the lives of people. The have one daughter (Clare) and one son (Judson).

Matt + Rachel Leverton

Our Worship and Community Lead Matt and his wife Rachel see and understand the desperate need for Gospel transformation in and around the city of Boston. Their vision is to help establish a Gospel-centered local church and a healthy community of believers starting in the heart of the city. They have one son (Gunner).

Cohen + Riley Brown

Our College Lead, Cohen, and his wife Riley who serves as our Children's Ministry Lead, see and understand the need for the city of Boston to know the grace of God, His forgiveness and His son’s sacrifice for them. Cohen's desire to equip college students started while he was a college student himself, and wants to see students make an impact on their campus. Riley has had a burden to share the Gospel since she was young and has a passion for ministering to children in the city.

Chance + Hayley Freels

Our Women’s College Lead Hayley and her husband Chance have a desire to see Jesus made much of in the city. They are confident in their call of ministering and serving college students in Boston. 

David + Christine Schumann

Our Church Planting Resident David and his wife Christine love Jesus and the city of Boston. They have a desire to love people and present Jesus as the best thing that’s ever happened to the world. David was called to lead a church at the conclusion of his college years, and together, they love to see people experience the love of Jesus like never before.

Samiah Sandiford

Samiah is one of our College Interns who serves at Grace City. She has desire to see radical and bold faith among her fellow peers and the upcoming generation in the city of Boston. She has a love and passion to show the same kindness that was shown to her by Christ.

Yasmin Lountchenko

One of our College Interns, Yasmin, has a heart to see Jesus be made much of in the city. As a student at Boston University, Yasmin’s desire is to see gospel transformation among college students for the glory of the Lord and the good of the campus. She remains confident in the good work the Lord is doing in Boston.

Tucker Thomas

Tucker has a passion for serving with Grace City Church as a College Intern, and is amazed to see the work God is doing in the city of Boston. Tucker has a desire to see the life, death, and resurrection of Christ transform those who find themselves in the city. Tucker also has a vested interest in working with athletes to serve Jesus while pursuing college or elected level athletics.

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