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We love our Sunday morning gatherings. Each week we gather collectively as God’s people. We sing, sit under the Bible, and take the bread and cup together. We believe everyone should be connected and involved in our Sunday morning gatherings.  

One apparent weakness of our gatherings is creating a sense of intimacy through sharing stories, pains, and experiences.

We believe our house churches are the best way to accomplish this.


HouseChurch is essentially our group setting. All throughout the Scriptures, we see God’s people meeting in homes and throughout the city. HouseChurch allows you to be known. Housechurch allows you to be vulnerable. HouseChurch ultimately allows you to experience a deeper since of intimacy here at Grace City. 


Each week house churches will be sharing a meal, sharing stories, and sharing the Scriptures with one another. If you would like to join a HouseChurch please click the link below and select the group that's the best for you!

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